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  • Paris - France
  • Casablanca - Morocco

We provide solutions for Traders and Quantitative experts, choose your plan and start your journey with us.


Multi Platforms

Blackwave platforms operate on (Windows,Mac OS and Linux).

Multi Programming Languages

Blackwave platforms provide many programming languages (Python, C#, Javascript)

Backtesting & Optimization

Build, Backtest, and analyse the market quickly and confidently.

Technical & Fundamental Analysis

More than 100 tools and indicators along with various news and economic calendar

Pattern recognition

Automatic detection of candlesticks, supports & resistances lines, trend patterns and more...

Financial Analysis

Perform a Quantitative analysis with a variety of financial ratios to gain meaningful informations about a company.

Products Functionalities

  • Unlimited Charts
  • Custom Time Periods
  • +100 Indicators & Tools
  • Interactive Alerts
  • News & Economic Calendar
  • Pattern recognition
  • Automatic Trading
  • Backtest
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • News & Economic Calendar
  • Playground
  • Multi Programming Languages