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Quant Platform

Blackwave quantitative platform provides you with an environement for portfolio optimisation, Backtesting strategy, as well as financial analysis and a playground, where you can write scripts with native python, Javascript or c#, as well as implementing any library of your choice and perform a simple backtest or a machine learning script.

Robust Backtesting with a Multi languages Interpreters

Backtest with a simple click and choose your indicator or combine two or more. Load your data or simply select one of your prebuild strategies. The best, easy to use backtesting environement. A detailed result will show you trades, 3D graphs and more for an in-depth understanding of your strategies. Choose the editor and code your own strategy, simply choose your coding language and enjoy.

Easy to use Portfolio optimiser

Blackwave Optimisation will give you the opportunity to calculate, analyse different STOCKS/DATA of your choice. From a VARIANCE or a CAPM calculation to an EFFICIENT FRONTIER or a MONTE CARLO simulation, you will enjoy a real Quantitative optimisation environement.

Advanced Financial analysis

Load your balance sheet, or financial statement and perform a robust financial analysis. You can choose from risk matrix, banking, stocks or corporate ratios and perform a unique easy to use Analysis with detailed graphs for a better understanding of your Data. All that with a simple click on Blackwave financial analyser.

No limit for creations and testing in the Playground

Finally, if you are an algorithmic trader and want to perform a strategy of your own, enjoy The Playground, where you can write codes with either Javascript or native Python , C#, and import any native Python library of your choice. from simple calculation to a machine learning code with Tensorflow, there is no limit !