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Blackwave Provides innovative, modern and aesthetic Tailor made solutions for trading, quantitative analysis, portfolio optimisation, cryptocurrency creation, and other Fintech solutions.

We are a worldwide IT and advanced technology Provider, that upholds our clients in understanding innovation's huge potential for a better world.

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We are committed to our clients by providing the best Tailor Made solutions. Our goal is to help institutionals and exchange firms building and using the best Fintech and Trading technology.

Bardi Aziz Founder & CEO


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Group fondation

We opened our startup in Dubai. We launched with the Blackware Quantitative platform. designed to perform complex portfolio optimization calculation and backtesting.



Association & Partnerships

With the help of a professional team, we launched our first white label solution, Designed for Traders and Quantitative Traders. That allowed us to work closely with Hedge funds and brokers especially in the MENA region.



We are bigger

We had a seed funding, which allowed us to open an office in casablanca and to expand our team. Our plan is to diversify our services and Products, so we can better serve our client's needs.



More innovative solutions

We opened our new office in Casablanca, Morocco to be closer to the MENA region, US and europe client's. We expanded our products and services by offering Bloackchain developpement, Cryptocurrency creation and other Fintech solutions.

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“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.” Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft.

Company's founders


Bardi Aziz

Founder & CEO

Specialised in trading, Quantitative trading, and fund management in the FX market. Have built experience in developing Fintech Solutions and Financial modelisation.

Jouini Mahdi

Co-founder & IT Director

Full-stack developer with over a decade of experience developing Fintech tools and solutions. His main skillsets include Machine learning and Big data, along with Blockchain development.

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