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Blackwave trading platform is a unique software that gives you more than 100 indicators and tools, economic calendar, lastest news and more additional options. Execute your trades manually or by choosing from the trading panel different trade option like buy limit/sell limit,and don't forget to set up your stop loss.


Blackwave offers you an interactive and innovative way to set up an Alert either to be informed about a price or even an indicator that reached a certain zone.


Pattern recognition helps you identify suppport and resistance Zones, either to draw it as a line or a trend line, identify a butterfly, crab, bat patterns and more with a simple click.


You can also read the graph by selecting only the candlestick formation of your choice, with just a simple click select the candlestick formation of your choice and let Blackwave Trading platform detect them for you.

Blackwave Provides innovative, modern and aesthetic solutions for Trading, Quantitative analysis, Portfolio Optimization, Pre-build Strategies And More... We Integrate our solutions for Hedge Funds, Brokers, and Quantitative experts, choose your plan and start your journey with us.


Select from the interpreter your strategy, or code a new one and try to beat the market ! don't forget to backtest it on the Blackwave Quantitative Platform and optimise to see how your strategy is doing in different situations.

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